It’s not impossible, but it is possible. You can get your site higher in list items or to the highest point of the page with cautious preparation and suitable methodologies. This ought to occur within a couple of short months. These are the strategies you can use to rank your website higher on Google.

1. Create content that adds value

It is crucial to create high-quality, valuable content that people want to link to and read. According to a Content Marketing Institute study, 90% of the top content marketers ranked their site higher because they prioritized their audience’s information needs.

Your audience will stay longer if your content is valuable. Specialists like Larry Kim have found that this can emphatically influence your internet searcher rankings. They directed investigations to decide a relationship between more extended abide times and higher web search tool rankings.

You probably know that backlinks can affect your rankings. Stone Temple also found that linking to highly relevant sites with high authority can help your website rank higher on Google.

It is, accordingly, vital to making significant substance to assist your site with positioning high on Google. BuzzSumo provides content research tools that can help you identify the most popular and trending pieces. This will permit you to conceptualize content thoughts that allure your interest group. To get your audience’s feedback, you can conduct surveys and polls.

2. Create more long-form content

Long-structure content can assist you with positioning higher on Google. The long-form range allows you to go deeper into any topic you are discussing. This makes it more informative and has a higher value. It tends to attract more people, increasing your dwell time and helping you rank your website higher.

People love to share long-form content. BuzzSumo’s analysis of 100 million articles revealed that longer-form content receives more social shares. The most shared articles were between 2,000 to 10,000 words, trailed by reports somewhere in the range of 3000 and 4,000 words. Increased visibility and traffic will lead to more social shares, which can help you get your website on the first page of Google.

3: Optimize for Google Answer Box

This section will give your content more visibility, likely resulting in more clicks and traffic.

It is, therefore, crucial to optimize your website for Google’s Answer Box. To optimize your content, you can use question phrases. SeoClarity’s analysis revealed that question phrases such as “how” or “what” are the most popular keywords that trigger featured search snippets.

Answer the Public can assist you with recognizing the top inquiries individuals have about a theme. These question phrases will help you optimize your content to appeal to voice searchers who are more inclined to ask conversational questions.

Google will also recognize that you answer a question using H2 tags in subheadings. These tags will appear in the Google Answer Box, giving searchers a better idea of the content of your page if you get the featured snippet.

These activities will expand your possibilities of being highlighted piece for applicable catchphrases and assist you with positioning higher.

4: Enhance Your Internal Linking Structure

Internal Linking assist you with laying out legitimate site engineering. This allows Google to quickly crawl your website and list the relevant pages in search results. A good internal linking structure is essential if your website wants to rank high in Google search results.

Moz suggests that a pyramid-shaped website structure with few links between the homepage, other pages and the homepage is the best. Instead, the homepage will link to the main category pages. These pages will then connect to item pages.

You can also link blog posts by creating a detailed and thorough pillar post about a topic. Then, attach it to other relevant posts on the subject and discuss specific tactics.

If your pillar post is about SEO, you can link to other positions, such as those focusing on SEO in general or even backlink strategies.

5: Optimize your Anchor Texts

Anchor text optimization is another critical step in getting your website to the top of Google search results. Google can use the anchor text to link to other pages to help it understand the content of the page, which will allow it to list them accurately.

Anchor text that contains important watchwords is an excellent method for assisting web crawlers with understanding your substance and ranking your website higher.

You must know about five sorts of anchor texts:

Exact Match Anchor text – This anchor text matches the page it links to. An example of the actual match anchor text would be “SEO strategies”, linking directly to a page about SEO strategies. These anchor texts are great for Google to understand the contents of linked-to pages.

Partial Match Anchor text – This anchor text contains a variant of the page’s primary keyword that you are linking to. Partial Match Anchor Text – Anchor text links to pages that discuss content optimization. These anchor texts are a great alternative to exact match anchor text because they still relate to the linked-to web page’s topic.

Branded anchor text – This kind of anchor text utilizes an organization name. Model: “SpyFu”, connecting to a SpyFu post. This kind of anchor text can be deluding and manipulative whenever used time after time. It is ideal to not utilize it at least a couple of times on your blog entries.

Naked Link – These anchors are not the best choice if you want to link to the content in blog posts. They could prevent the peruser’s insight.

Generic Anchor Text: Generic anchor text alludes to an expression or word that connects to different pages. Generic anchor text can link to other pages using terms like “Learn More” and “Click Here”. These anchor texts are not ideal for SEO as Google doesn’t have a way to understand the content and relevance of linked-to pages.


Many of our tips address promoting procedures. Technical aspects are also crucial in getting your page to the top Google search results. To cover many points, you can also run an SEO Audit.

These are the top ways of aiding increment your rankings so you can rank on the main page of Google. Some of these may promptly affect your orders, while others can make a more circuitous difference. These strategies are fundamental, assuming that you believe your site should rank high on Google. It’s impossible to ignore something simply because it has a lower rating.

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